The Detective Zuzunaga Saga

Where God’s hands never reached. A place of darkness and shadows

Cipriano Zuzunaga is fundamentally an evil policeman who has surprising moments of kindness. Tormented and psychologically unstable, he tries to get his rank back to fill a void in his life and to regain the power that he once had. A main character created with skill and complexity.

In Your Two Deads Zuzunaga investigates the disappearance of the son of a congressman and his girlfriend. If it did not involve someone powerful, it would be another investigation closed without being even started. Zuzunaga is trying to get his rank back by accepting the case. However, he doesn’t know that this case will bring forth his past, a path that he did not want to walk again.

In Seven Are Your Reasons, an important businessman has been murdered and Cipriano Zuzunaga, without the support of the police, is in charge of the case as a private investigator. He will soon find out that not everything is what it seems, most of all because the record states that the murdered man died in a raid. He does not understand why his bosses have given him a case that has already been solved. The investigation makes Zuzunaga face family quarrels and characters whom he has to trust. In this second novel, Zuzunaga gives himself an opportunity to experiment love again, or at least something similar to it, with Nat, a teenager who lives on the streets and who has a baby. He invites her to live with him.

After trying to poison his boss, attorney Cebada, Zuzunaga has to be ready to face the investigation emerged from the case. In The Speed of your Shadow, our inspector will not only need to come out clean of his attempt of murder, but he’ll also accept another case that keep the whole city alert: an individual is shooting drivers at the North Urban Highway. Nobody knows why, nor where the shootings come from, and not even how to get to the criminal. Now, that Zuzunaga had kind of a relaxed life, a series of new crimes burst into his daily life. Will the dark investigator be able to put an end to the Mexican criminality?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Gudiño Hernández is a Mexican author, winner of the Lipp Novel Award. The critics acclaim the successful saga of Detective Zuzunaga for breaking up with the tradition of the conventional noir novel.

The Zuzunaga saga is a completely character-driven series; a corrupted character with a complex and captivating psychology works as the conductive motive of the different cases that he faces.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


THEMES: Murder, Investigation, Kidnapping, Death, Disappearance, Detective, Search for truth, Corruption, México, Society, Love, Family.

GENRE: Thriller, Police, Drama.