The Doctor (La doctora)

Together they will fight for their dream. A woman’s struggle to practice her profession in the Spain of 1950.

In the Spain of the 1950s, a first generation of women began to practice medicine. They were the pioneers in a territory still treasured by men and in which they were intruders. Inspired by the actual testimonies of female doctors of the time, this historical woman’s fiction shows us their battle to overcome the prejudices of patients and colleagues, while immersing us in a plot full of emotion and mystery.

Paloma, Almudena, Pilar and Victoria experience the obstacles of a time in which women were not considered to be qualified to work as doctors, just as nurses or assistants to their male colleagues. They had outstanding skills, a passion for their job and the mutual and unconditional support of each other.

Paloma, a young female doctor who has just graduated, breaks up with her boyfriend because he did not believe in her. She starts working at the Valdeamena sanatorium, exclusively focused on treating TB patients. At the beginning the patients do not trust a female doctor. And so, Paloma will have to work harder than the rest of her male colleagues to prove her worth and gain the trust of her patients. Little by little, her own lack of believe in herself will transform into an extraordinary confidence towards her patients. Paloma falls dangerously in love with the medical director of the hospital, a married man with whom she has an affair.

The mystery plot is carried by Almudena, who is faced with a mysterious legend at the sanatorium. This makes her suspect that Victoria and Pilar are hiding information from her.


RELEVANT DATA: Silvia Tarragó is a writer and journalist who won the Vall D’Uixó Junior Narrative Award. She participated in several collection books published by the Association of Young Authors in Catalan Language. She has written young adult and adult literature, short stories and poetry.


What the critics have said:

“With an elegant narrative and a wonderful feminist plot, La doctora is a novel about a group of women who, in the 1950s, fought for their dream”. Negra y Mortal


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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