The dressmaker’s son (El hijo de la costurera)

The story of the one and only “couturier”: Balenciaga.

Balenciaga grew up in the Basque Country, at the beginning of 20th century. He was very close to his mother, Martina, recognized dressmaker among the upper classes. The Marchioness of Casa Torres, one of his mother’s main clients, noticed the child had talent when he gave her a perfectly designed dress from a piece of fabric she had given him just to play around.

With his first studio in San Sebastian, during the 20s and 30s, Balenciaga consolidates himself, especially with haute couture clients. However, the spanish Civil War breaks out and he is forced to move to the heart of international fashion: Paris. He moved together with Wladzio Jaworowski, his best friend, secret partner, and member of his studio as well.

In Paris, Balenciaga starts a new, elegant, cosmopolitan life, enjoying the chic society.

During the 40s, Balenciaga is a revolution in the European fashion; clients, competitors and critics praise his designs. His entourage is composed of big movie stars like Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly or Greta Garbo.

In the late 40s, his life changes dramatically, and his professional career, when his partner Wlatzio dies from an illness. After this, Balenciaga falls into a deep depression.

These are only some of the episodes in Balenciaga’s life, one of the most important designers in fashion history. A life of changes, secrets and appearances, which built the figure of one of the biggest icons of 20th century.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The figure of Balenciaga strongly persist through the decades, even though if his brand is not active at present. Christian Dior described him as “The master of all of us”, and said “With fabrics, we do our best. He does whatever he wants”. Coco Chanel said “He is the only one able to cut, knit and sew manually. The rest of us are just simple fashion designers”. Hubert de Givenchy defined him as “The architect of haute couture”.

His designs are still sold as collection pieces, for exorbitant prices.

The author of this novel, Nacho Montes, is a Spanish journalist. His career is completely linked to the media; he has worked in radio, press and television. He collaborates with many entertainment shows like  El Programa de Ana Rosa, El Debate de Gran Hermano, Sálvame, Pasaporte a la isla… and he was finalist in the reality show Supervivientes 2014.  His literary work has been highly appraised by the audience.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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