The Eve of Almost Everything (La víspera de casi todo)

A Noir with soul.

Paola is a mysterious woman who arrives on the Galician coastal town of Costa da Morte in a luxurious Mercedes convertible. She is fleeing from her past. Previously known as Eva Mahler, she was the rich heiress of a business empire and the wife of a German man she was not in love with. Her world was shattered when her daughter was murdered, and this led her into drugs and promiscuity. She moves to Galicia to rise from the ashes. Paola becomes Dolores’ tenant, a Portuguese immigrant with whom she turns out to have more in common than she thought. Paola also meets Daniel, who she instantly clicks with and is tremendously attracted to. Daniel is a young man who lost his parents and older brother in a fire, and unwittingly exposes Paola to a danger neither of them expected.

Germinal Ibarra is a police inspector haunted by rumors and his own conscience. He decided to transfer to the Galician police station in La Coruña three years ago, after having had his moment of glory when he solved the high-profile case of the murder of young Amanda, Eva Mahler’s daughter. This turned him into the hero he never wanted to be. So, he took refuge in the anonymity he gained at his new job. The guilt of having killed Amanda’s murderer still haunts him, but he got away with the crime thanks to Esteban Malher’s cover-up, a powerful businessman and the girl’s grandfather.

Germinal Ibarra’s anonymity is threatened when he is called one night by a woman admitted to the hospital, victim of a brutal beating. The woman is Eva Mahler. Germinal will have to solve two murder cases, in which Daniel and his family could be involved, in one night.

The stories of these five people, five murderers, are pieces that fit together to complete a puzzle and will reveal the real reason why each of them arrived at Costa da Morte.


RELEVANT DATA: The Eve of Almost Everything (La víspera de casi todo) is the winner of the Nadal Award. Víctor del Árbol is one of the most prolific writers of crime novels in Spain and France. Named “Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters” by the French Ministry of Culture, Del Árbol’s works have been strongly acclaimed by the public and the critics, even going so far as to say that his works go beyond the codes of classic thrillers.

Among the author’s numerous distinctions are the Tormo Negro Award for Crime Novel, the Quercy Noir Award, the Prix du Polar Européen for the Best Crime Novel, the Fernando Lara Award and the Tiflos Novel Award.


What the critics have said:

“Víctor del Árbol handles the curiosity and sentimentality of its audience very well: The Eve of Almost Everything (La víspera de casi todo) is a seamless novel of criminal mysteries that includes a ghost and intimacies that function as an incubator of evil, dramas and traumas.” El País newspaper

The Eve of Almost Everything (La víspera de casi todo), an intense thriller with powerful characters at the center of a major crossroads”. La Razón newspaper


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, Catalan, Polish, Bulgarian.

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