The Fantasyburg Saga (Saga Bichos Raros)

The Mystery of the Fluorescent Unicorns | The Mystery of the Know-it-all Sphynx

When you go to school with dragons, werewolves and sirens, the weirdo is YOU.

Fantasyburg is the secret city of all fantastic creatures. Here dragons, unicorns, mommies, lycanthropes and sirens live together and get along just fine with no humans sticking their noses into their activities. That’s how it has been for centuries, until a misunderstanding at leads the Martin family to the city. Tania is a fan of fantasy stories, Gon is used to being one of the popular in class. But nonne is prepared to live among these fantastic creatures in a new and original city, where now they are the strange ones.

The appearance of a strange pandemic turns the city upside down: unicorns are suffering from rainbow flatulence, they levitate at midnight and their skin has turned fluorescent.

When the inhabitants of Fantasyburg discover that the Martin family aren’t vampires but humans, they blame them for the plague affecting the unicorns. Tania and Gon will have 24h hours to find the cure and save the city… and, above all, to stay in Fantasyburg, their new home. A race against the clock, with colorful farts, magic apple cookies and a slippery culprit.

In the second installment, Tania and Gon are now used to life in Fantasyburg: the dragon’s supermarket, the siren’s concerts or the orcs TV shows. But their tranquility comes to an end with the arrival of Nene, a shy sphinx who is the new support teacher.

Adults are continuously disappearing in school. No one knows if it has something to do with the tiger that escaped from the zoo or with the new teacher, who craves taking over the school and eats all the students who do not solve a riddle. Tania and her new friends, Bucen, a centaur who is a bit pessimist and has premonitory powers and Melia, a dryad expert on potions, will be the ones solving both mysteries.


RELEVANT DATA: Daniel Drac is a pseudonym of Tormenta Libros authors, specialized in children and young adult literature.

Pablo C. Reyna is the founder of Tormenta Libros literary agency, and a finalist for the Barco de Vapor award. He publishes under the pseudonym with his team of Tormenta Libros and also his own titles. He is known in the online literary communities, where he writes under the name of El Cronista de Salem.


What the critics have said:

“Family, friends, adventure, original, funny, getting to know people in depth before judging, rectifying is what wise people do. We loved it, my students and me” – Amazon.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish. Sample available

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