The feeling of danger

A motionless shadow projected on a wall in the middle of a forest. That’s what the film received by professor Martin Torres shows. The sender, young artist Anna Morelli, found them by chance in an antiques shop and intends to use them in her new artistic investigation project, and invites Martin to participate. Anna proposes an attractive project: coming back to the Clark Institute for a semester to write about the film and give a story to those images that give no clues whatsoever. Martin, who recently spoiled his academic career and whose personal life is sinking after his divorce, accepts the invitation without a second thought. However, this investigation and his tortuous relationship with the artist will soon start to cross paths with his past.


THEMES: Art, Friendship, Love, Passion, Sex, Facing Failure, Personal Fulfillment
GENRE: Drama, Suspense, Mystery



This novel was finalist to the 2015 Herralde Prize. Written as long confession or an emotional love letter, The Feeling of Danger is a beautiful novel about the memory of images and of lived moments. A work splattered with appropriate debate about time, art and photography as well as exploring the passions of the soul, stranger sex, open relationships and the emotional fluctuation. A narration under which the thesis of Walter Benjamin does not stop resonating, especially the one suggesting “To articulate the past historically does not mean to recognize it ‘the way it really was'. It means to seize hold of a memory as it flashes up at a moment of danger”.




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