The Glass Eye

A Latino family’s mishaps in the Bronx.

The story is set around Don Pepitón and Antonia’s warehouse. Don Pepitón belongs to an inmigrant family of three brothers (whose wives all hate each other) – all very loud, dysfunctional, and hilarious.

“Gloria finally showed her face, but before anyone could issue a complaint, she herself blurted out the reason for her tardiness.
– I got cotton in my ears, Monistat in my vagina, and a suppository up my ass. I’m good to go.

The three families were going to a picnic.”

Amada, Doña Antonia´s daughter-in-law, can see more through one eye than most people can see with two. It was torn from its socket by the jealous mistress of her husband Alberto. Alberto was a spoiled child and a true heartbreaker. Alberto’s parents, Don Pepitón and Doña Antonia, are to blame for his behavior. They disapprove of his relationship with Amada, and hate Amada’s mother, Esperanza – the neighborhood witch-. Esperanza isn’t too fond of her daughter’s relationship either, but the marriage between Amada and Alberto went forward, despite Esperanza’s advice and Doña Antonia’s suffocating and overly controlling influence.

These and many more make up this dysfunctional Latino family from The Bronx, where everyone is in everyone’s business. Adultery and witchcraft, passions and rivalries, mystery and thrills are deeply embedded amongst the family and their neighborhood, along with everything from family feuds to births and deaths, christenings and funerals, and everything in between.

Like wildfire, gossip, and speculation about the mysterious disappearance of Amadas rival swirl around the neighborhood. Rumor has it her remains are buried, scattered in parts of Westchester County. Others swear they have seen her ghost—having collected all her essential parts—swimming in the river, trying to make her way back to the Bronx.


RELEVANT DATA: The Glass Eye is Yolanda Gallardo’s successful debut novel that gives a humorous look at a Latino family’s mishaps in the Nuyorican community of the Bronx. This quickly emerging Latina author is a poet, playwright, and novelist, and her plays have been performed in Puerto Rico and have been optioned for Off-Broadway.  The Glass eye is your latinx Modern Family meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


What the critics have said:

“Poet and playwright Gallardo brings a Latinx Bronx barrio to vivid life in this charming costumbrista (a literature of local customs and manners) style novel that tells the story of how Doña Amada got her glass eye.” Sara Martinez from Booklist Reviews.

“A good-natured domestic comedy set amid the Puerto Rican community in the Bronx. Absolutely charming, if not especially deep.” Kirkus Reviews


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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