The Hole. The Story of a Killer (El agujero. Historia de un asesino)

Fake Shaolin monk by day, murderer by night.

He called himself Huan, but his real name was Juan Carlos Aguilar Gómez. He used martial arts as a tool to control emotions. Self-proclaimed as the first Western Shaolin monk, three-time world kung-fu champion and eight-time world champion of Spain, he traveled to China and returned as a millenary warrior. In Bilbao, north of Spain, he founded a gymnasium known as Ocean of Tranquility Monastery where he imparted the wisdom acquired on that cathartic journey.

His titles, as well as his status as a great Shifu, turned out to be false, but he managed to deceive students, celebrities, and the media for years. The fake monk used Buddhism, karate and kung-fu to recruit women whom he abused, raped and humiliated.

In the early morning of May 25th, 2013, the monk picked up Colombian Yenny Sofia Rebollo, a mother of two children who was forced to prostitute herself due to her economic situation. Instead of having sex, he decided to tie her up, take sexual photographs of her, torture her and cruelly murder her.

Eight days later, he was at it again. This time, the victim was 29-year-old Nigerian Maureen Ada Otuya. After having sex, he carried out the same ritual as with Yenny. After nine hours of suffering, the woman finally managed to break free and call for help.

Not too long after, a woman saw a bloodied Maureen trying to flee from a basement in the center of Bilbao. Her call to the Ertzaintza, the Basque police, served to uncover the fake monk’s crimes.

Upon his arrest, he was in a fighting position with the dying body of a victim at his feet. During the search of the crime scene, the Ocean of Tranquility Monastery, human remains were found inside plastic bags.


RELEVANT DATA: The Hole. The Story of a Killer (El agujero. Historia de un asesino) presents in detail the investigation of what is known as the “fake Shaolin”, one of the most sinister cases of the last few years in Spain. The book is not only an analysis from a police and legal perspective based on the judicial summary, but also contains a criminological prism, as well as criminal profiling, forensic psychiatry, neurophysiology and psychology.

This is a multidisciplinary work that allows the audience to immerse themselves in an exciting journey through the darkest corners of the human soul and the darkest side of criminality.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie, Docudrama, Documentary.


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