The Hungry Night (La noche hambrienta)

Julián Beltrán has just confessed to the murder of his wife to the police, but his story is so improbable and his behavior so strange that they decide to put it in the hands of a medical team. Beltran tells the doctors that the plan to end the life of his wife, Marian, departed from his friend Amando. At the end of the interrogation, the doctors are perplexed by the story of Julian. According to him, Armando, the friend whom he murdered some twenty years earlier, would have inexplicably reappeared and became an accomplice and inspirer of his wife’s murder.


RELEVANT FACTS:The Hungry Night opens with an interrogation that immerses us in a strange atmosphere, that of a universe disturbed by the guilt. This novel makes us think how terrible the individual can become in his relationship with evil. Disguised as psychological intrigue, Balanzá leads us down to the hells of a guilt-ridden man. With a keen imagination he manages to raise a confused and complex plot where nothing is what it seems, and in which the reader does not know whether to identify with the protagonist or punish him with the greatest moral slowness.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Movie, Miniserie, Film, Serie TV.


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