The Hunt (La caza) – Original Project for TV Series

When life gives you the opportunity to take revenge on the men who raped you, even if he is the father of your son.  

Diana is daughter of first-generation Latin American immigrants in the United States. She grows up in a conservative working-class family, but she is a brilliant student and gets a scholarship to study at university. In the last year of school, she goes to Cancun for spring break. There she meets two young businessmen from Spain who, in the chaos of a party, drug her and rape her. Diana reports it to the local authorities, but the aggressors manage to escape unpunished. She doesn’t know their names, but she will never forget their faces.

Back home, Diana discovers she is pregnant. Her strict religious education doesn’t allow her to have an abortion. She doesn’t want to confess about the rape, shame and humiliation are too much for her.

Ten years later, in 2020, Diana is 30 years old and starts a new precarious job as a waitress on a cruise ship that goes to Barcelona from Miami.

Once in Barcelona, in a magazine, she sees the picture of one of the men who raped her, announcing his wedding. He is the eldest son of one of the most important families of the Catalan bourgeoisie.

Diana wants revenge. She decides to stay in Barcelona, search for him, and introduce herself into his family.


RELEVANT DATA: Daniel Corpás is a screenwriter, author and playwright. He has worked as a screenwriter for some of the most important Spanish and Mexican and US networks for over 20 years writing shows such as Yo soy Charly, Centro Médico, La esquina del Diablo, Ciega a Citas or Yo soy Bea. He is the showrunner of the successful TV series Malaka. His first feature film became a box-office hit in 2019.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Original Project for TV Series.


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