The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited House (Los habitantes de la casa deshabitada) (TV Movie)

 It’s harder to face humans than ghosts.

On a rainy and cold night Mr. Raimundo and his chauffeur Gregorio have a car breakdown in the middle of a desolate wasteland. The only refuge is a nearby manor house -plagued by strange and ghostly creatures- where inexplicable mysteries take place. A band of counterfeiters and two sisters who have been kidnapped to madness -one of them almost got marries to Raimundo two years before- are involved in the whole mystery and play a key role in it. Although the intervention of a yokel girl is about to ruin the salvation of the proganists, the mystery is gradually solved.


RELEVANT FACTS:  Television Española in co-production with Grupo Focus are currently making a TV movie based on the work by Ramón Paso, Jardiel Poncela great-grandson. Previously, the movie titled “Ghosts in the house” (1959)  was realised and directed by Pedro Luis Ramírez.

Jardiel Poncela is one of the most important authors of the twentieth century despite his short life, winner of the most prestigious decorations for dramaturgy and literature written in Spanish. His works continue today on the billboards of the most important theaters in Europe and Latin America, his novels continue to be reprinted in many countries and have been brought to the cinema with great success.


A FOCUS AUDIOVISUAL production  for TVE.