The Karen Nieto Saga (TV Series)

Me, Who Dove into the Heart of the World | Darwin’s God

“Don’t you ever let anyone tell you that you’re inferior. You are not. You’re simply different.”

Karen Nieto is a wild 12-year-old girl, without language, and with Asperger’s Syndrome. The girl comes to her aunt Isabelle’s life after becoming an orphan. Among them develops a beautiful relationship that, thanks to the sophisticated education provided by Isabelle, allows Karen to become the worthy heiress of one of the most important tuna fisheries worldwide. The story is narrated from Karen’s autistic perspective, creating an original and different story full of humor and eccentricities. The story defends intuition and the senses over reason, as well as the right to be different.

The main plot of the audiovisual proposal follows the first book Me, who dove into the heart of the world, where the life of this extraordinary character is told through flashbacks from her speechless childhood at age 12, until, at 40, she becomes an eccentric and unusual millionaire. She will be a powerful international businesswoman who returns home to accompany her aunt at her death bed.

Karen has to deal with a world of humans she barely understands. It is a great character-driven warm drama that lends itself to a multi-season TV series project. The character of Karen Nieto has a large arc with a huge potential for development since every normal situation for an “ordinary” human being is a great challenge for her that makes her evolve constantly.

The second book, The God of Darwin, is a great secondary plot for a season, where, told as a thriller, Karen investigates a case in which a former classmate from university discovers a manuscript of Charles Darwin, and later on, he is murdered. This leaves a great potential to develop new subplots each season with cases related to the most current issues (science, religion, LGBT, ecology, politics…), which Karen ingeniously investigates with her peculiar point of view. This will also put herself in hilarious as well as raw and hard situations.


RELEVANT DATA: The award-winning Sabina Berman is considered the most critically acclaimed and commercial authors, playwrights, and scriptwriters in Mexico, winning up to four times the National Theater Award of Mexico. She has worked as a screenwriter on important film projects for great directors such as Alejandro G. Iñárritu or Alfonso Cuarón. Between her many cinematographic awards, she has a nomination and an Ariel Prize for best script, she has represented Mexico at Academy Awards, she has a silver Medal for best Script at the Toronto International Film Festival, among others.

Her novel Me, who dove into the heart of the world, is one of the most exported works of Mexican literature, a bestseller published in over 33 countries and translated into 11 languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series in development.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE:  Spanish, English, Finnish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, French, Polish, Czech, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian and German..