Sabina Berman

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Sabina Berman is a writer, journalist, playwright and scriptwriter. She graduated in Psychology and Mexican Literature at the Ibero-American University. At an early age, she was named as one of the most relevant playwrights in Mexico. She has worked as scriptwriter for many international Mexican filmmakers, representing their country in the Academy Awards for three times.

In regards to literature, Berman has also written two novels: La mujer que buceó dentro del corazón del mundo (The Woman Who Dove inside the Heart of the World) and El dios de Darwin (Darwin’s God).

Since 2006, Sabina Berman writes articles for a weekly magazine called Proceso and two other prestigious literary magazines in Mexico: Letras Libres and Nexos. She even collaborated with Vanity Fair. She also works as a TV host in an interviews program called Shalalá.



Critics consider Sabina Berman as the most successful Mexican playwright, having won the Drama National Award 4 times. Her works have been released in Mexico, Canada, the US and Latin-America.

She has worked as scriptwriter in very important cinematographic projects in Mexico for the big names of the country, such as Alejandro G. Iñárritu or Alfonso Cuarón. Among her many cinematographic awards, she owns a nomination to the Best Script in the Ariel Awards. Her film, Backyard, was nominated in the Academy Awards, it won the Silver Medal to the Best Script in the Toronto International Film Festival, also the Independent Spir Award in the Ibiza International Festival, and the prize to the best script and edition in the Havana Film Festival.