The Storm Chronicle (Crónica de una tormenta | Testosterone) (Film)

Double or nothing.

Overnight, just like important things in life usually happen, Antonio, the director of a very influential newspaper, must decide, quickly, which one of his two deputy directors will substitute him at the front of the prestigious company.

Just like the administration board has decided, the other candidate will be fired to give the chose one freedom to re-organize the publication. Beteta, with his dominant and authoritarian personality, is efficient and competent, and also a former information battle colleague. Meanwhile, Miky is close to the staff and an expert in cooperation synergies. Her career has been brilliant, and she has always been Antonio’s favourite student, ever since they met at university. Between them, there is, since twelve years ago, unfinished business. Miky’s choice seems inevitable, except for the fact that, perhaps, he lacks testosterone, the hormone associated to power, agressiveness and sex…


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Awarded Sabina Berman is cosidered to be the most succesful author, playwright and screenwriter in Mexico, having won the Premio Nacional de Teatro de México four times. She has worked as a screenwriter in very important film projects with great directors such as Alejandro G. Iñárritu or Alfonso Cuarón.  She was nominated and winner of a Premio Ariel a Mejor guion, she was nominated to an Academy Award, and she was awarded with the Silver Medal to the Best Screenplay at the Toronto International Film Festival.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Development for Film format.