The lady of the house (Señora ama)

Dominica and Feliciano are a young married couple who lives in the countryside where his family owns almost all the land. Their everyday life is in the midst of all rumors throughout the town, as Feliciano has already had several illegitimate children. Feliciano is continuously unfaithful, even with very close people. Different plots with love affairs and jealousy occur in Dominica’s and Feliciano’s lives, who has no boundaries since he will even try to seduce a very close friend of the family and his own sister-in-law. Dominica still has hope that the situation will change as soon as she gets pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Feliciano’s younger brother fights for his rightful share of the lands. But the only legitimate owner will be Dominica’s future son, independently of any child born outside marriage, reason why the whole village is in check.


RELEVANT FACTS: This melodramatic story has as the main character the woman, her misfortunes for ending up with an unfaithful man and her strength for overcoming and keeping afloat her family and home, letting go the role of victim from men and society. Because of its fame, it was adapted to cinema in 1955 by the Mexican director Julio Bracho. As a TV series projects, it offers an excellent plot and a big gallery of both main and secondary characters. The rural environment of the family house is perfect to set it in any place in the countryside. Moreover, there is a highlight on the dramatic aspects of jealousy, intrigue, complots and schemes very well built.

Benavente won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1922. He treated all the theatrical genres and developed a broad gallery of human characters. Many of his plays have been taken to cinema with success and many versions for TV have been made. Benavente’s dialogues are excellent, full with irony. He has been compared to Oscar Wilde.




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