The Last Days of Jaime Partagás (Los últimos días de Jaime Partagás)(TV Series)

The chronicles of the man who funded an empire out of cigars
This novel is developed around the mysterious death of Jaime Partagás, one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the industry of tobacco. This unexpected death gives way to the opening of a police investigation.
The Catalonian, based in La Habana, became one of the main producers of tobacco worldwide. In a setting surrounded by friendship and love, there is still room for those who are jealous of Partagás’ success.
Mystery and drama mixed with historical facts contribute to the creation of an intriguing and catchy masterpiece, as it is The Last Days of Jaime Partagás. This is the story on the man who funded an empire which is still known nowadays.
RELEVANT FACTS: Miguel A. Sabater brings to light unpublished data about one of the most important visionaries and businessmen of the 19th century. Jaime Partagás managed to create an enourmous empire out of Havana cigars.
AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series.