The last explorer (El último explorador)

The adventures of a time travelling explorer and his first encounter with his daughter, Lluvia

The Last Explorer tells the tale of Horacio Kustos, an explorer who can time travel and visit fantastic places. Kustos spends most of his life travelling through time and space and telling stories to, basically, everyone he meets.

Throughout his tales, we meet a parade of incredible characters from different adventures: an architect who builds remarkable hotels, a talking penguin who comes from a future where humans have gone extinct, a time machine builder, or a group of immortal beings.

Horacio Kustos has a daughter called Lluvia who’s barely a preteen. Lluvia and Kustos live in separate times and spaces since she visits her father from a different world.  Lluvia lives her life chronologically, in consecutive days, but her father lives “out of order”, days, months and years away. Lluvia struggles to talk to him and tell him the truth about her existence, and how her being in Kustos’ world messes with reality and puts them in deep danger. Since she was 6 months old, Lluvia has received letters from her dad. Kustos hasn’t written them yet, but he promises to do it and send them however he can.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Alberto Chimal is one of the biggest names in Hispanic American fantasy literature. Horacio Kustos is the greatest character in his literary career, and the author has built a whole universe around him. The Last Explorer collects 10 of Kustos’ adventures, including his first encounter with his daughter Lluvia.

Chimal’s work has received many awards: it was awarded the National Narrative San Luis Potosí Award twice, the Sizigias Narrative Prize, the Mexico State Literature Award, the Cuatrogatos Foundation Award, he was a finalist at the Rómulo Gallegos Prize, and he was nominated for the prestigious White Ravens Award. In 2021, he became the first Mexican author to write a Batman story for DC.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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