The Last Gift of Paulina Hoffmann (El último regalo de Paulina Hoffmann)

Exile after war, and a love that hurts to death.

After finding out in her grandmother’s will that she has just inherited an apartment in Berlin of which she knew absolutely nothing, Alicia does not hesitate and jumps into a plane to investigate what is behind this unexpected mystery.

Thanks to a photo album that someone has left in the Berlin house, Alicia discovers the true story of her beloved grandmother Paulina Hoffmann.

Berlin, the 40s. The Nazi regime has taken over half of Europe and the Hoffman family has not managed to avoid the terrible consequences. After the death of her brothers and her father in the war, Paulina and her mother suffer the grave atrocities committed during the Soviet occupation and, desperate, they decide to flee to Spain and take refuge in the house of some relatives.

There, Paulina’s mother does not manage to get back on her feet, and she kills herself a few months later. Paulina grows up practically alone, far from her home country. Innocent as she is, she falls madly in love with her cousin, Manuel, with whom she starts a secret relationship that ends badly: the young German girl gets pregnant, and she finds out that Manuel has been sleeping with one of the servants, who is also pregnant.

Paulina marries Carlos, her aunt Sofia’s painting teacher, to keep Manuel from taking charge of her son, Diego. But Carlos dies in an accident, and Paulina has no other option than to move to Málaga with her two children, to live with Manuel’s grandmother. There, Manuel will try to take his son away with him, but he, wasted away by alcohol abuse, will appear floating face down in his grandmother’s pool.

Alicia, still devastated by her recent divorce, goes back to Berlin to recover all of those survival stories of her grandmother, and to find out the reason why Paulina bought the property.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Last Gift of Paulina Hoffmann (El regalo de Paulina Hoffmann) has all of the ingredients to become a great TV series. Inspired by the grandmother of the author herself, Carmen Romero Dorr defines her characters perfectly, in a way that makes it easier for the audience to relate to them.

The novel has been strongly acclaimed by the public. It highlights the dynamics of the events and the originality of the author.

Romero Dorr, apart from a writer, is also an editor and a journalist, and she is a very well respected figure in the contemporary literary sector.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Italian.

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