The Last Queen (La última reina)

Is a queen born or made?

Sophia of Greece and Hanover is the last queen consort of royal blood in Europe. Great-granddaughter, granddaughter, daughter, wife and mother of kings, she is related to all current European royal houses. The girl who grew up between the palace of Tatoi and the German boarding school of Salem, who was taught that the sense of duty is above feelings, was educated to reign.

The portrait of an exceptional woman who was thrilled with her marriage and gave herself completely to her children and grandchildren, but who has also gone through hard times of sadness and disappointment. An approach to Doña Sofía, mother and queen, who has dedicated her life to the Crown, to her family and to a country that she had to make her own without the people on her side.

Through graphic documents, biographies, texts, reports and exhaustive observation, the author reviews recent historical events. From the abdication of Don Juan Carlos I and the proclamation of Felipe VI to the summer of 2020, in Palma de Mallorca, when the queen was removed from the agenda, through her wedding in Athens; her relationship with Franco’s family; the death of her mother, Federica of Greece and, of course, her complex relationship with the king.

But it also sheds light on the most unknown passages of Doña Sofía’s life, such as her controversial trip to India in the midst of a marriage crisis or her most personal and inspiring facet: that of the modern and cosmopolitan queen who made efforts to implement values such as love for animals or vegetarianism; her love for music, or her attendance to Humanities classes at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

A woman who, despite being branded as a “foreigner” year after year, has managed to become the most solid value of the Spanish monarchy.


RELEVANT DATA: Carmen Gallardo, journalist and expert in royalty and history, examines the last 60 years of Queen Sofia. An in-depth look at the most important events of the last blue-blooded queen in Europe through graphic documents, biographies, texts and exhaustive observation.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film TV Movie.


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