The Laws of Relativity Applied to Sexual Relations (Las leyes de la relatividad aplicadas a las relaciones sexuales)

It’s all relative.



Nothing is true. Whenever there are two people, everything automatically becomes relative. This dark humor tragicomedy tells four simultaneous urban stories of young people facing infidelity, death, love, loneliness, and well-meaning erotic homicide.

Seven characters cross paths throughout these stories: a woman who talks to the wife of the man she killed (unintentionally?) in the middle of a sexual act of desperate passion (or boredom?). A boy unable to lose his virginity despite the many occasions he has. The selling of a coffin in a bad moment (is there a good moment to sell a coffin?), and a thief of cell phones. A tragicomedy that is too human.  

RELEVANT INFORMATION: Ramón Paso is a Spanish playwright, screenwriter and director, grandson of Enrique Jardiel Poncela and son of actress Paloma Paso Jardiel. His works have been staged at the conventional and the alternative circuits in Madrid.  

He is one of the most prestigious theatrical writers in Spain, who has premiered more than 20 plays in some of the most important theatres of the country. With regards to his career as screenwriter, he worked in Matrimonio con hijos (Couple with Children) and Compañeros (Classmates), two very successful TV series in Spain.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


THEMES: Love, Sex, Murder, Death, Theft, Humanity, Infidelity, Loneliness.

GENRE: Tragicomedy.


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