The Lies, Truth and Fear Saga (Saga Mentira, Verdad y Miedo) (TV Series)

The beautiful story about three teenagers who were forced to grow up.

Xenia is a 16-year-old girl with a structured, accommodated life, great parents and strong academic records. Her life changes when she meets Marcel, a mysterious boy from a literary forum on the internet. They instantly feel an unbreakable connection between each other.

Xenia will find out that Marcel is actually called Eric, and that is in a Juvenile Correctional Centre since he was fourteen years old, due to a crime he did not commit.

After knowing that Eric pleaded guilty for a murder actually committed by his cousin Ben, Xenia will do anything to help get Eric absolved from the sentence.

Eric is finally released from prison, and when he is back in the streets, he realizes how extremely hard it is to reintegrate into society. Obstacles, adversities and other sorts of difficulties will be back to Eric’s life.  The beautiful love story with Xenia will encounter adversities as her parents have forbidden her to date a “conflictive boy of dubious background”. Moreover, Eric finds out that some criminals occupied the house he inherited from his cousin.

The presence of Hugo will help Eric to overcome his problems. Hugo is a boy Eric’s age, who went blind after a motorbike accident. He will hire Eric to read him books out loud. A strong friendship emerges between them, and Hugo will feel free to express his frustrated feelings. Thanks to Eric, Hugo will try to overcome his many fears and insecurities.

Eric will also work for the police. He is hired to investigate The Medinas, the mobsters that murdered his cousin Ben. He will have to face jealousy when he finds Xenia flirting with her support study professor at University.

A story full of unexpected plot twists, with complex characters going through very difficult moments in their young lives. By helping each other, they will successfully overcome the adversities ahead.


RELEVANT DATA: The saga, composed of three installments: Lies, Truth, and Fear, is used as school reading in Spanish secondary schools. It caught the attention of over 100 000 readers only in Spain. After reading Lies, the children show a very high demand for the rest of the saga.

The first book, Lies, was awarded the Edebé Award of Young Adult Literature. Critics highlight the way characters are constructed, besides the wide range of audiences to which the saga is addressed.


What the critics have said:

“Care Santos knows how much information should she give the audience to keep them intrigued, and give a final blow effect that changes the course of the characters’ lives” – Juntando más letras

“A much more adult story than anyone can imagine” – Goodreads

“A story about teenagers’ problems, love, crimes, prejudices… A saga that will captivate the youngest and not so young audience” – Boolino

“Once again, Care Santos proves her great skill to give psychological complexity to her characters” – Rincón de Marlau

Care Santos is a referent in young adult literature. Her novels have been translated into more than 20 languages, including English, German, French, Korean and Italian. Santos has been awarded with some of the most prestigious literary prizes, like the Ramon Llul de les Lletres Catalanes Award, the Gran Angular Award, the Barco de Vapor Award, Ramon Muntaner Award, Premio Nadal, Premio Edebé to Young Adult books or Premio Primavera of Novel.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development as TV Series

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and Catalan. Sample in English upon request.