The Little Leo da Vinci Saga (Saga El pequeño Leo da Vinci)

A collection of 10 stories

The most famous gang of young geniuses in history ready to solve the coolest mysteries.

Little Leo Da Vinci is a fun-loving, restless, creative, and very smart child. He lives with his grandparents in Vinci, Florence. He spends his days inventing gadgets, but his big dream is to create the machine to fly like birds. His gang is made up of Miguel Ángel, a very funny boy genius; Lisa, the smartest girl in town; Rafa, the smallest of the group, tremendously creative and a bit of a detective; and Boti, who dreams of becoming a chef and is the best penalty kicker in all of history.

In each mission, they will face hilarious and thrilling adventures, such as rescuing Lisa from the ghost of Jack Quemorro, who returns every year from his grave to take revenge. They will also replace the best athletes of the city in the Olympic Games and unmask those who put them to sleep with a strange concoction, find the sarcophagus of an Egyptian princess, travel to Asia to fix a priceless vase from the Ming Dynasty that Leo has accidentally broken, and become great samurais to defeat the evil Kira Kozukenosuke. They will have to use Leo’s inventions, ingenuity, and detective skills to solve all their problems.


RELEVANT DATA: Christian Gálvez is one of the most beloved personalities in Spanish television and one of the world’s leading experts on Leonardo Da Vinci.

For more than eleven years he has been in charge of the Spanish game show Pasapalabra (Telecinco, a Spanish television channel), keeping it as one of the highest-rated entertainment programs in Spain. He has also hosted other programs on Telecinco like, Operación Tony Manero, Tú sí que vales, the debates on the show Supervivientes, El reencuentro, Acorralados, El tirón and Qarentena. Currently, he hosts the radio program De sábado con Christian Gálvez on Cadena 100, a Spanish radio station.

He has been awarded the Iris Award for best program presenter, the Protagonistas Award in the Television category, the Antena de Oro Award in the Television category, the Laurel Platinum Award for best national journalist, the La Alcazaba Award for best television presenter and the Special Award at the IV Concha García Campoy Scientific Journalism Awards.

Marina G. Torrús is a writer and screenwriter with a career spanning more than twenty years. Some of her projects include Manos a la obra (on Antena 3, a Spanish television channel), Al salir de clase (on Telecinco, a Spanish television channel), Ellas… y el sexo débil (Antena 3), and Un golpe de suerte (Telecinco). In the children’s sector, she has worked on Bernard (by the BRB Internacional production company), Kambu (on Clan TV, a Spanish television channel), Nico (on Televisión Española, a Spanish television channel), and Zipi y Zape (on Disney Channel). Among the most outstanding TV formats, it is worth mentioning Metro a metro (on Telemadrid, a Spanish television channel), Hay trato (Antena 3), or Sabor a ti (Antena 3). The experience of Marina G. Torrús in the audiovisual panorama has contributed to the fact that Little Leo Da Vinci (El pequeño Leo Da Vinci) has very cinematographic elements.


What the critics have said:

“A fun and colorful collection, with adventures in which the genius Leonardo and his friends will surprise you.” Agapea

“With a very cinematographic style, alluding to several adventure films, it introduces us to a fantastic fantasy world.” Literatil (literary blog).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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