The luminous gift (El luminoso regalo)

Víctor Dilan is a successful writer who does as  he pleases in a Spain that is mundane and  tasteless. A sex devotee, he holds a curious  talent – a luminous gift –, which is an irresistible magnetism that immediately attracts women  to his bed. His life soon takes a turn after meeting Ester, the Witch, “a carnivorous incandescence that drives men crazy”. Upon  this miraculous appearance, he will find in her a  harder and more perverse reflection of himself. Their encounter marks the beginning of an  apocalyptic relationship that will lead him to longed-for and prophetic destruction.


RELEVANT FACTS: This as “a story of two lovers condemned to destroy each other”. It is also a novel with numerous female characters: Elena, Víctor’s wife; María, Víctor’s daughter; Paloma, Carmen, Claudia, Isabel, Sonia, all of them Víctor’s lovers.

The reader becomes a voyeur and discovers the  darkest and most intimate sides of a handful of  uncontrollable and obscene characters who live for  sex. Intertwining different levels of fiction, Manuel  Vilas uses parody to revise the nature of love and  eroticism, which takes on a new mystical dimension. With its soundtrack by Bob Dylan (hence the inspiration for the main  character’s name) and the lucid mention of great works such as 2001: A Space Odyssey or Wuthering Heights , the story of Víctor Dilan’s craziness seems the most sincere and piercing of confessions. Is this a lucid or a deluded vision of the world? Manuel Vilas has now started to use more of a realist style in  his narrative and the results leave us spellbound.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and Turskish.

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