The Messenger of the Forest (La mensajera del bosque)

Death lurks the streets and nature has taken over.

Cris Stoian awakens in a room surrounded by nature. She is unsure of how she got there… actually, she is unsure of everything. She finds a cell phone, and underneath it, there is a note from her brother Daniel. He assures her that she has been very ill, that she will probably not be herself when she reads this message. He tells her not to leave the room under any circumstances, not to talk to anyone, and to wait for him. She assures her that she is safe there. She has clean clothes, food, and Ruby, her best friend, will contact her if things get worse.

Cris is totally confused, her body is covered with scars and wounds that look fresh. She doesn’t understand why she is there and not in a hospital. She needs to know what is going on. In the frantic search for answers, Cris will witness an unstoppable and overwhelming phenomenon that is transforming the streets of Madrid into a forest; nature has taken over the city, reclaiming its place and leaving dead and wounded in its wake.

The police cannot explain the wave of deaths of young people whose bodies appear in natural settings, nor the relationship that the deaths may have with the phenomenon that the city is experiencing and that has all the authorities on edge.

In his investigation, Cris will cross paths with a prodigious girl who lives in the slum of the city. She possesses a very special power that floods everything around her with light and nature.

What neither Cris nor the authorities imagine is that there are mysteries that go beyond reason. A mysterious creature and a secret jealously hidden in Madrid´s underworld will be the key to solve the enigma.

Cris’ life depends on it.


RELEVANT DATA: The Messenger of the forest (La mensajera del bosque) is one of the biggest publishing events of 2021. Maite R. Ochotorena is a best-selling writer and screenwriter. Her novels are best known for their fast-paced rhythm and action, in addition to depth and a voice capable of truly moving his readers.

The Messenger of the Forest (La mensajera del bosque) is a story set in Madrid (easily adaptable to other large cities in any region), original and innovative that breaks with the usual standards, framed as an eco-thriller, and starring a strong and courageous female character.


What the critics have said:

“A meticulously crafted thriller, coupled with a necessary ode to nature. Maite R. Ochotorena’s narrative is direct and seamless. The plot, although fanciful, is so well treated and so complex, and with so many details, that you are able to believe everything the novel tells you. A sensational narrative work.” Goodreads

“A compact, well-woven book, with well-constructed characters and a high pace, masterfully sustained by short pauses that are masterfully interspersed within the story.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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