The Middle of the Night (La mitad de la noche)

How could one kill their own son?

August 1926. Magdalena Laparra is back from Cuba to spend her holidays with her family in Spain. One morning in Biarritz, she walks into the sea with her both children, of 7 and 2 years of age, with the intention of drowning them. Although the 7-year-old girl, Elsa, manages to escape, her little brother dies. Magdalena is taken to an asylum for the rest of her life.

18 years later, 25-year-old Elsa, who has recently separated from her husband for having a son with a different woman, is back in Spain. She arrives in San Sebastian to look for the truth behind her mother’s madness. Elsa reads the letters her mother sent her grandmother from Cuba. These will help Elsa discover the real Magdalena Laparra, her homesickness for San Sebastian and her unhappy life in Cuba. But she will also discover why Magdalena decided to end her son’s life.

Elsa will not only find out the secrets in her family, she will also be involved in a turbulent network of espionage. She will find herself in the middle of a love triangle with a German army officer who guards the Spanish-French border, and a local fisherman who also works as a smuggler for the resistance against the Nazi invasion.

Elsa is a woman who believes to have overcome her past, but she will soon realise that she needs to know the actual truth and speak with her mother. A mother who contradicts herself, and who might not be as mentally ill as everybody thought.


RELEVANT DATA: The Middle of the Night (La mitad de la noche) is a dynamic and agile thriller set in the Second World War in a key location during the conflict: Biarritz-San Sebastian, two places where hundreds of harmed soldiers were sent during the war.

Mayra Montero is back with a frenetic and hard story that treats controversial topics. It has been highly appraised by the critics and the readers:

“Hard, dark, […], but also tender, sensual and even sweet. Definitely, Mayra Montero’s best work”.- Goodreads

“It seems a simple story, but the plot gains complexity and the reader finishes it with the heart in a fist”.- Amazon

“The author catches the reader from the very beginning with an involving and sensual narration. A majestic narrative”.- La huella de los libros

The Middle of the Night: a marvelously narrated intense novel”.- Entre mis libros y yo

Mayra Montero is a well-established Cuban-Puerto Rican journalist and writer, widely known in Latin America. Her internationally successful work has been published and translated in several countries, like the United States, France, Germany, and Italy, among others.

Montero is winner of the Premio Barco de Vapor Puerto Rico, the Premio Sonrisa Vertical, and the Literaturpreis, besides being finalist to the Premio Herralde and the Premio Sonrisa Vertical.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.


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