The Music in his Bones (La música de los huesos) (Film/TV Series)

She will have to unravel the mysteries of the past to save his life. 

Anne, a young 20-year-old tired of her monotonous life in Madrid, decides to leave her old life behind and move to the north of Spain to her family´s house in the riverside region of Navarre. She plans to reconnect with childhood friends, attend the Milenio music festival and begin her career as a freelance writer

However, her arrival is not too pleasant, because they find human bones that have been buried for more than 30 years in her backyard.

The Navarre police will begin an investigation, with clues that will date all the way back to the 70s and will lead them to the first annual Milenio music festival. Marga, Anne´s mom, attended said festival with a group of hippies who took part in shamanistic rituals.  

Anne will be reunited with Gabriel, a childhood friend and now the Deputy Inspector of the Foral Police, and the feelings that they had for each other when they were young begin to resurface. After having been separated for so many years, they will take advantage of working together during the investigation, and the relationship thickens. 

Anne, with Gabriel by her side, discovers that the bones belonged to Anthony, the hippy who Anne´s mother fell in love with during the festival. They also find out that the person responsible for the crime was Eba, Anthony´s girlfriend during that time. Eba had seen Marga and Anthony flirting, filling her with envy. She then made the conscious decision to give Anthony jimsonweed, to which he died of an overdose. 

Eba was stricken with grief after Anthony´s death and Marga´s successful life filled her with rage. Because of this, she sends her daughter Haizea off to this year´s music festival, eager to avenge her mother’s miseries. Haizea will try to murder Anne, all while avoiding that the crime committed by her mother Eba be brought to light.

An exquisitely plotted story with great emotional depth set in the desolate landscape of the Navarre region.


RELEVANT DATA: After capturing more than 17 million people with her Twitter and winning the Audience Award sponsored by Ámbito Cultural and the El Corte Inglés Award for the Best Thriller and Mystery novel, Nagore Suárez solidifies her spot as a writer with her new novel The Music in his Bones (La música de los huesos). She is considered the new queen of thriller novels in Spain. The novel reached its third edition in less than a month after its first release, with more than 25000 copies sold. 

Nagore Suárez, through her natural and agile writing in The Music in his Bones (La música de los huesos), depicts the best of both the chick-lit and thriller genres. This creates a truly original story that captures the attention of a wide range of audience members.

«Here´s some advice?: don´t start this novel at night. Once you start reading, you simply cannot stop. » Juan Gómez-Jurado

«young writer lies behind these mystery novels that hook millions of readers.» The Huffington Post 

«You will crave for its ending.» Chloe (magazine)

«This investigation is full of unexpected twists that will uphold the tension chapter after chapterNagore´s debut nove lis a contemporarymysterious and well-balanced novel.» Goodreads




THEMESVengeanceInvestigation, DeathSecrets, Love, Adolescence, Music Festival, Drugs, MysticismFriendship, Family.

GENRE: Thriller, Romance, Young Adult, Female Fiction.