Nagore Suárez

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Nagore Suárez is one of Spain´s emerging thriller novel writers. She has her degree in Journalism and studied Forensic Anthropology as well. She has managed to become a reference point for writers and readers alike, creating stories full of mystery and suspense.

The critics highlight her stories as having solid arguments and exquisite plot lines, as well as well-rounded and constructed characters. Additionally, her writing includes powerful and atypical settings, and rugged landscapes.

Nagore Suárez has been in the headlines of many articles by the press, including La Vanguardia, Los 40, and The Huffington Post, all of which point out her mastery of imagination as an author.



In 2019, her twitter thread titled “Guardian Angel” was interacted with more than 1.5 million times. She is the recipient of the Audience Award sponsored by Ámbito Cultural and the El Corte Inglés Award for best Thriller and Mystery thread.

The Music in his Bones (La música de los huesos) is her first novel, which has reached its third edition in less than two months after its initial release, selling more than 20.000 copies. Nagore Suárez is considered the newest queen of the thriller genre.