Amalia Saga

One Mother | One Dog | One Love

A delicious and intimist saga of unforgetable characters.


Only a few hours left until midnight. Finally, after many attempts, Amalia has managed, at 65 years old, to make her dream come true: to reunite her whole family for dinner on New Year’s Eve.

She knows it is going to be an intense night, full of secrets and lies, of many laughs and confessions contained for so long that are finally bursting to let them see what is left to live. She knows it is time to act and she is ready to not let anything stop her.

The narrator, one of her children, called Fer, recently abandoned by his boyfriend, tells us about the adventures of his two sisters, Silvia and Enma, who are going through problems of their own: Silvia is going through separation with her husband, a Nordic man named Peter, and Enma is facing early maternity with her lesbian friend. And then there’s Eduardo, the mother’s unruly brother, of whom we know very little and who lives a ver chaotic life; and the mother herself, the axis of the story, a fun and irreverent woman that can drive anyone mad, but so sensible when it comes to serious issues that she is worthy of admiration.

One Mother (Una madre) is not only the portrait of a courageous and endearing woman, and of the members of her family that depend on her and on her peculiar energy to face their lives, but also a glance of what human condition is capable of showing when one delves into its best version.



When Fer leaves his mothers home after lunch, a car runs over his dog R. Fer rapidly takes badly-wounded R to the vet, and while the dog struggles between life and deathFer waits for a call that never comes in a café close to his mothers home. His mother enters the café and waits with her son. Also Fers sisters, Silvia and Enmajoin the waitEvery single member of this family is on the same boateven if this is at risk of sinking.

For the following hoursFer will try to do his best to hide that he is waiting for a feared call that might bring down the peace that has been present in his family since R arrived to their lives when he was just a puppyThat calm might be more precarious than it seems.

When the phone finally ringsthe night will bring along unexpected events and all sort of confessionstruths that were hidden, and a name thatout of a family photo albumFer has to pronounce if he wants life to come back to normality



EnmaFers sisteris marrying Magalían Argentinian woman who she considers her definite love after the many love disappointments in the pastThe whole family is involved in the arrangements to make it the best wedding everMoroeverday of the wedding coincides with Amalias birthday (the mother). Thereforetwo events are to be celebrated in the same day.

However, the night before the wedding, a call breaks the family harmony and the three siblings have to hide it from Amalia.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The One Mother, One Dog and One Love saga is a moving trilogy much loved by the readers, winner of the Premio Nadal.  Alejandro Palomas is a Spanish writer and translator who has been awarded with the Premio Protagonista Joven, the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, the V Premio La Isla de los Libros, and the Premio Joaquim Ruyra de Narrativa Juvenil. He was also a finalist of the Premio Primavera de Novela and of the Premio de Novela Ciudad de Torrevieja.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Greek, Icelandic, Polish, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian, Romanian.

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