The persecuted (Los perseguidos)

The dark side of Spain.

Daniela Lozano, a young journalist, has just lost her partner to a car accident. However, she is convinced that his death was actually a murder. Determined to uncover the truth, she begins an investigation that leads her to uncover a pact between the Minister of Homeland Security and the Serbian mafia, who came together to hide a plot of police corruption.

In her mission, Daniela gets help from Peyo, a former convict who ended up behind bars after being betrayed. The two must find Dardo, a drug dealer and Peyo’s former accomplice when they were young, who is a key figure in the case.

Dardo was the leader of a gang of “quinquis” (people from the working class who engage in small crimes) from the San Blas neighbourhood in Madrid during the 1970s. The gang made a living doing the dirty work for white-collar criminals, namely politicians.

Meanwhile, Spain was celebrating the beginning of a new era, but boys like Dardo were experiencing the dark side of the Transition to democracy, those years when drugs destroyed the future of so many young people.

Thus, The Persecuted tells the story of Spanish delinquency through two major timelines. In the past, Dardo and Peyo go from being neighborhood friends to becoming drug traffickers. In the present, Daniela discovers that the streets of Madrid are still not free from the corruption of the past.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: With The Persecuted, Fernando Benzo gifts us a novel in the purest style of ‘Quinqui Cinema’, portraying the darkest side of the Transition to Democracy and a present that is still not free from crime.

The work, acclaimed by critics and readers, has won the Azorín Novel Prize. Fernando Benzo also won the Kutxa Ciudad de Irún Prize and the Ciudad de Majadahonda Prize. He is also the author of short stories, which have received awards in numerous literary competitions.


What the critics have said:

“An immersive and adventurous plot. The paths on which a story with a frenetic pace unfolds. One of those stories that, once you start it, is impossible to put down.” La Sexta

“The novel has action, intrigue, and accurately portrays the era of the Movida.” El Plural

“It is difficult for the plot not to generate interest in the reader because it points out the multiple points of view of a reality that has little to argue in its defense.” El Español


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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