The Phantom of the British Invasion (El fantasma de las invasiones inglesas)

The story of the British occupation told by the ghost of a young man of the time.

The ghost of Julián Expósito tells the story of his life to a boy of today, a story that takes place in Buenos Aires between 1806 and 1807.  This was precisely a moment of quite agitated political climate for the people of Buenos Aires, since the current capital of Argentina was one of the most prosperous places of the new world and where the rumors of the English occupation became a reality.

Julián lived in the orphanage called “The House of the Expósitos” and worked in a printing press in charge of assembling the viceroy’s mandates. He was a disciple and friend of Manuel Brownie, the godson of Juan Jose Perez, director of the printing house. Thanks to his friend Manuel, the orphan Julián went out to get to know the city, became acquainted with the high society of the time, and learned about the “Colored Ships”. Julián also met Encarnación Casamayor, an upper-class girl from the oligarchy, with whom he fell in love after being invited to an elitist gathering. However, his innocence and the discovery of love enveloped him in a dangerous game of power that demanded the most difficult sacrifice. He would also witness, as a ghost, everything that happened after his death in 1807, up until the present day in his hometown.


RELEVANT DATA: Claudia Piñeiro is commonly known as The Argentinean Lady of the Black Novel. The winner of the Clarín Award, she is also the most translated Argentine author after Borges and Cortázar. Among her many awards are the LiBeraturpreis, the Pléyade Award, the Latin American Award for Children’s and Young People’s Literature, the ACE Award, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and the Pepe Carvalho Award. In addition, several of his novels have already been adapted for film and TV.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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