The Prison (La cárcel)

Fourteen contestants, two murders, one reality show.

One of the contestants of the reality show “The Prison” turns up dead in her cell. In the midst of the initial shock and chaos, Vera, the production manager, takes control of the situation and decides that no matter what it takes, the news must be kept secret until the show is over.

Both the program director and the editor, who discovered the corpse, believe that it will be impossible to keep the secret, not to mention that it seems unethical to them. Only Alina, the assistant director, trusts Vera’s power and ability to manipulate the public and take them where the scriptwriters want them to go.

Very discreetly, but forcefully, police inspectors Rodrigo Arrieta and Alejandro Suárez are brought in to investigate this prison turned in to a TV set.

In a slow-moving investigation, the police discover that the victim was poisoned, that three of the contestants entered the program because their scores were falsified, and that someone tried to blackmail the director of content… Meanwhile, Alina and Rodrigo begin a sultry relationship.

Suddenly, a second contestant appears dead. The medical report says that he has been poisoned with the same substance as Valeria. A flower placed in the dead contestant’s closet becomes the only clue for Arrieta to unmask the murderer.


RELEVANT DATA: Alicia González García is a Spanish writer who has worked on numerous social projects. With her first novel she won the Certamen Princesa Galiana and was in Amazon’s Top 10 for several months. With The Prison (La Cárcel), she won the Marta de Mont Marçal International Narrative Award.


What the critics have said:

“It is a thriller novel with a new and original plot, as it reveals the intricacies and underworld of a reality show that takes place in a fictitious prison, which highlights the secrets these programs can hide.” Los augurios de la luna (literary blog)

“I loved it, light and entertaining plot and with an unexpected ending […] It manages to maintain the uncertainty and interest necessary throughout the novel so that you cannot put the book down, it maintains suspense at all times.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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