The Queen’s Jeweler (El joyero de la reina)

Jewelry helps you forget the dark side of life.

In the year 2014, Queen Letizia received from Queen Sofía the most beautiful legacy of the Spanish Royal Family: the “joyas de pasar”, a collection of precious crowns, bracelets, and necklaces, that have been passed down since the reign of Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg.

Through these pieces’ story, we go back one century, when the young Victoria Eugenie —known as Ena by her loved ones— moves from England to Spain to get married to king Alfonso XIII. While she sits on the throne of a country she loves, but which doesn’t love her back, Ena must cope with a tempestuous personal life. Her husband’s constant love affairs and the disease she passed down to some of her children, make her down-spiral.

As an escape from reality, Ena confides in Ramiro García-Asorena, her jeweler, who tells her the tales of the queens that came before her, and the secrets that her dear jewels hide. Soon enough, these precious stones turn into Ena’s main shield in her weakest moments, hopeful that their shine will hide her pain.

The Queen’s Jeweler covers the most relevant moments of Victoria Eugenie’s Life, from her tragic wedding, interrupted by a terrorist attack, her later exile, to her final days. In parallel, it delves into the story of the García-Asonera family. As such, in this captivating walk through 20th century Madrid, Nieves Herrero explores the intimate life of the elite part of society and its differences with the middle class of the time.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Nieves Herrero has an extended career as both a journalist and a novelist. She’s the author of many best sellers such as Carmen or Esos días azules. Her famous novel Lo que escondían sus ojos has been adapted into a TV show, which was awarded an Ondas Award, and she has won a Madrid Critics’ Award.


The Queen’s Jeweler beat sales records in less than four weeks since its launch and has also been highly acclaimed by critics:

“From Victoria Eugenie’s ‘I do’ to Alfonso XIII, Nieves Herrero unravels, with the amenity and rigor we’ve grown accustomed to, the darkest side of our Royal Family’s jewels” La Razón.

“The author’s documentation is worthy of praise” El Quinto Libro.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Serie TV, Miniserie, Film, TV Movie.


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