The racer or the souls the devil carries (El corredor o las almas que lleva el diablo)

Violence, death and gasoline.

An illegal race from Monterrey to Saltillo, six racers, and an award of 1,2 million pesos for the winner. A special clause: for each person who dies during the race, the sum will increase by two hundred thousand pesos.

Ricardo Prieto is an old man, who is addicted to the smell of gasoline and death. He is the organizer of the race along with his best man, Humberto, who is responsible for recruiting the fastest drivers in the area: The Steelworker (“El Acerero”), The Sheep (“La Borrega”), The Yellow One (“El Amarillo”), The Death (“La Muerta”), Kanjo, and The Wolf (“El Lobo”).

The drivers — who drive a red Ford Lobo, a white Dodge, a 1955 white Chevrolet pickup, a white Caddy, a silver Syclone, and a yellow Ranger— will race against death. On the road, everyone is a potential killer ready to eliminate their competitors and any driver who crosses their path.

But an external player will join the race, someone who will seek revenge in an old green Dodge with a turtle drawn on the body. He will do what he has to do to beat the Steelworker.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The racer or the souls that the devil carries is part of the Mapa de las Lenguas collection, whose purpose is to promote the work of the best contemporary Spanish-speaking authors. Due to this, the book will have a local edition in each Spanish-speaking country where it is published. Its author, Alejandro Vázquez Ortiz, is the winner of the National Prize for the best Fantastic and Science Fiction Short Story in Puebla, the Ciudad de Getafe Prize for the best Short Story, and the Comala National Prize for Young Short Stories.

The book is a portrayal of drug trafficking, criminality and desperate individuals who are in search of money, and, of course, speed enthusiasts. The racer or the souls that the devil carries explores the world of underground racing in Mexico and reminds us of internationally successful franchises such as Fast & Furious, but with a substantial difference: here there are no rules or police in the rear.


What the critics have said:

“The clash of metal against metal, at full throttle, the burning asphalt, and the rhythm of Judas Priest: that’s how this novel by this author from Monterrey reads and feels.” Milenio

“Without a doubt, you and I were born to read, to experience the infinite pleasure and feeling the thrill of a well-written story like the one at hand.” Élmer Mendoza

“A range of stories intertwined by the adrenaline behind the wheel, where its characters are tied to each other by a complicated social structure.” Sin Embargo


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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