The readhead (La pelirroja)

Exile is not enough for the most feared murderer.

Juan Luis Higuera arrives in Cuba under the façade of one of the many Spanish executives who set in the island during the 90s. Behind those glasses and that bland physical appearance, a ruthless serial killer who has committed numerous crimes in Spain is hidden.

In the desolate Havana of the so-called “Special Period in Time of Peace”, Higuera finds new targets to proceed with his huntings among the well-known “jineteras”: women involved in dirty business, such as prostitution.

This is how he gets to know Nilda Almeida, a beautiful sex worker who has a sui generis relationship with Pedro Andux, an alcoholic and marginal Angola war veteran who earns a living through the carving and selling of wooden sculptures.

When Nilda is found dead, Andux undertakes a personal crusade to find the murderer of her beloved. The ex-warrior will have to face the mysterious notary from the Basque Country.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: La pelirroja is a novel where the darkest side of humankind is openly showed, where desperation and the evil play leading roles to prove how far perverse minds can go.

Majestically written, with subtle touches of the blackest humor and a plot that keeps the reader glued to its pages, Bourgeois’ novel has been highly acclaimed by the critics.

With a great number of publications, Brougeois has been a finalist of the Premio UPC, the most prestigious European science fiction award.

Other awards he has received include the Premio de novela Guillermo Vidal, the premio Editorial Plaza Mayor de Puerto Rico, and a special mention of the David Award.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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