The Red Diamond Saga (Saga Diamante Rojo) (Serie TV)

Kill the Queen | The Last Tower | Death to the King

How far would you be willing to go for revenge?

In her childhood, Micaela Bravo suffered the worst attack a child can experience: she witnessed the murder of her parents and her brother. And at the hands of some very close family friends. This left her alone, scarred, and insensitive… but above all, vengeful. Years later, she will have to get involved in a world full of mafias, drugs and trafficking in order to run the Red Diamond, one of the most famous nightclubs in Spain. She made a promise to herself that she would stop at nothing to hunt down the murderers responsible for her misfortune and get to the leader of the largest network of assassins in the world: Anker Megalos. Micaela becomes a strong and determined woman; a true survivor who is willing to do anything to take revenge on all those who hurt her so badly. Unmasking some, discovering others… and above all, fulfilling the promises she made to herself.

She has bodyguards, drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and assassins by her side, but it may not be enough to deal with the threat looming over her.

On the other hand, Jack Williams will receive a list of six names from his former instructor Anker Megalos, along with an exorbitant sum of money. He must kill five of them, and take the sixth person, Micaela Bravo, to Anker.

Micaela and Jack will maintain a tortuous relationship, hiding their true identity from each other until all is revealed in the worst possible way. Jack will soon discover who the real Micaela is – and to whom he must hand her over. What Jack did not expect was to fall in love with his victim, and Micaela with her killer.

Their love for each other is becoming more intense, but increasingly dangerous. Jack is a man who keeps many secrets and who, like Micaela, has a stormy past. But he soon switches sides to protect her, thus betraying his boss, Anker. At the same time, Jack will make Micaela question everything she had planned and fogs her mind.

Micaela’s revenge prompts her to take the lives of all those involved in her parent’s and brother’s death, those who took her innocence. However, she discovers along the way that her brother Arcadiy is still alive and in the hands of her greatest enemy, Anker Megalos, who believes himself to be his son.

Just when Micaela thinks she has it all figured out, she will find herself abandoned by the person who promised to take care of her until the end of her days. Jack Williams will make the decision to walk away from her when his identity as a murderer is revealed, along with all the people who were his victims. Anker Megalos, who was thought to be dead, will appear with much more strength and desire to kill Micaela, terrorizing her every step of the way.


RELEVANT DATA: The Red Diamond saga (saga Diamante Rojo) has over 80,000 fans and was very well received by the public. The first installment of the series, Kill the Queen, won the CO,MA Award. The saga will continue with two more installments, Adara and Tiziano, which will follow the story of two characters featured in the first installments.

The author is known for her romantic novels full of action and eroticism. She is the winner of the CoraSon Award organized by the JAR of Malaga, and has won the Award for Best Male Protagonist at both the Sant Jordi Festival in Barcelona, as well as in the Big Bang Novel Festival in Cádiz.


What the critics have said:

“The ending is not for the faint-hearted. […] I’ve already started the second part, because I can’t wait to see how everything continues.” Goodreads

“An erotic and vengeful story starring villains.” Goodreads

“The author has created a story full of intrigue, emotions, betrayals and difficult decisions. In short, if you enjoy books full of action, revenge, love triangles and eroticism, you can not miss this trilogy.” Amazon