The scent of summer (Vůně léta)

Friendship and Love?


Letty and Dam have been best friends since childhood. Their moms are best friends, neighbors, and they have weekend houses next to each other. Additionally, their moms lead the cheerleading team that Letty and Dam have been part of since they were little – and are damn good at it! They spend a lot of their free time together and have applied to the same American college.

As the European Championship approaches, they are diligently training for it. Dam’s girlfriend, whom Letty dislikes, causes them to fight. The training is not going well, leading to the growing rift between them.

Letty loves Dam, but she is afraid to show her feelings, fearing it would ruin their relationship. Things keep going south, and they stop talking to each other. This affects their joint performance at the European Championships, ultimately ruining the performance of the whole team. They engage in another argument, confess their love to each other, and spend the night together. However, as Letty feared, it destroys their friendship.

As summer holidays approach, it seems they now only share cheerleading training and quibbling. Letty goes on holiday with her friends, and they bump into Dam at the disco, where Letty collapses. He carries her out. They get back together. Letty finds out she is pregnant at the same time they both receive their acceptance letters to the US college. Letty does not want to prevent Dam from going there. Does he need to choose between her, his child, and his future?


RELEVANT DATA: The Scent of Summer is a romance story set against the backdrop of professional cheerleading.

Petra Martišková is a renowned Czech contemporary author who has published over 25 books for kids and teenagers. Her books for teenage girls are bestsellers. She creates trailers for her books with thousands of views on YouTube and has thousands of followers on social media.

What the critics and readers have said:

“Letty and Dam are truly enjoyable together! I loved their conversations, the dialogues, their cheerleading, their time at the cottage, Helsinki… honestly, […] this was truly divine. The chemistry between them worked perfectly, and everything felt believable.” Databazeknih

“A sympathetic couple, humour, chemistry, and exciting tension.” Veronika Esserová

“I really enjoyed this romantic contemporary book – a mix of “friendship to love” and “hate to love” with a love triangle. […] The characters are sympathetic and develop throughout the book; they are definitely not flat.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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