The School Mayhem Saga (Saga ¡Vaya Cole!)

Adrian creates a Big Bang | Bianca against the Barbarians

Anything can happen before the bell rings! 

At the end of Turmoil Alley, there’s a school. The school appears to be normal, but it’s not. Because at this school, the day never ends as expected. The library swallows students, the bins become rubbish monsters and the playground becomes the jungle.

Every installment of The School Mayhem saga focuses on one of the class students as a protagonist.

In this class, there is Adrian, a very smart boy who is very good at drawing. Adrian loves writing little notes, with drawings, with sentences, with comments, love notes, notes complaining about this or that teacher, notes saying something about some of his classmates… until one day, he draws himself with Olivia and he writes that he loves her a little bit. At that moment, Jessica, the reporter of the school blog, shows up. She wants to know what is in that note. He does not want to show her, so he introduces it through a little hole in the wall. Little by little, this becomes a habit and every note or paper Adrian gets, he introduces it in the same hole, which sometimes swallows bigger objects adapting to the size of the introduced object. In that hole there are multiple notes talking about teachers or classmates, drawings and even some half-empty cartons of strawberry milkshake.

At a certain point the school starts to shake, the walls tremble and the ground rabbles, everyone goes outside and observes how the school shakes like a bad case of indigestion. It starts to make sounds and shoots Adrian’s notes directly to their recipients. Everyone finds out then what Adrian thinks of them.

Adrian goes inside the school, in the middle of the Big Bang, risking his life. Everything is floating at zero gravity inside, he manages to go through the black hole until he finds the drawing he made of Olivia, but it goes straight to Olivia’s feet.

In the second installment, Bianca becomes our protagonist when she makes a funny face (as swearing words are forbidden in class). What she did not know is that her funny face would divide the school into two sides: Gorillas and buck-toothed.

More about our charming classmates soon.


RELEVANT DATA: Hugo Tormenta is the pseudonym of the authors of the literary agency Tormenta Libros, specialized in children and teenage literature.

Pablo C. Reyna is the founder of Tormenta Libros literary agency and a finalist for the Barco de Vapor award. He publishes under pseudonyms with his team of Tormenta Libros writers. He is well-known in the online literary communities, where he writes with the alias El Cronista de Salem.


What the critics have said:

“The story is told with great agility and pace. Adrian is just about to solve a problem when he finds himself deep in the next one, and so one leading him straight into chaos”


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Series TV, Film, Miniseries, TV movie.


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