The Second Revolution Saga (Saga La Segunda Revolución)

Heir | Them and Us | Free, Equal, Just

The Dominance family is back, stronger than ever.

Before the Revolution, there were ten Families, one for each power: Earth, Water, Air, Shield, Illusion, Chance, Fire, Lightning, Aura and Dominance. Organized in a strict social hierarchy ruled by the Prohibition, each Family had its own privileges or restrictions. However, the power of the Dominance Family was too much for the most disadvantaged families, which originated the Revolution. The Aura Family, the main ally of Dominance, disappeared. Fire lost their privileges. Dominance is now just a bad memory.

There are only eight Families left. Almost twenty years later, everything seems to go on normally. The School of the Guard of Blyd opens its doors one more year for the students, who train to protect with their magic a society that has been living in peace for years.

However, when Kózel Hokulea, Illusion, arrives to Blyd from the Koru Islands to study in the School, he finds out that not everybody is over the Revolution: while some live in peace in the new society without the Prohibition, others regret the disappearance of Aura and Dominance, and they look back with nostalgia and, most of all, with resentment.

When professor Koem, about to discover something important about the Dominance Family, is murdered within the school, it is clear that something is wrong. Meanwhile, and despite everything, the students of the School keep on with their student lives, dealing with exams, love and heartbreak. But a series of incidents, terrorist attacks and murders, both inside and outside of the School, seem to indicate what nobody wants to believe: that the Dominance family is trying to get back to power, stronger and more dangerous than ever.

Revolts, attacks and enmities among families gain prominence. Meanwhile, in the shadows, the Dominance family wins power and collects allies.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Second Revolution Saga is composed by three novels: Heir (Heredero), Them and Us (Ellos y Nosotros) and Free, Equal, Just (Libres, iguales, justos). Costa Alcalá is a pseudonym used by authors Fer Alcalá and Georgia Costa. The saga has been awarded the the Premio el Templo de las Mil Puertas a la Mejor Novela Nacional Perteneciente a Saga, the Premio Kelvin 505 a la Mejor Novela Juvenil and the Premio Celsius a la Mejor Novela Juvenil. The saga was also a finalist to the Premios Torre del Agua como Mejor Novela de Fantasía Juvenil.

The second installment, Them and Us (Ellos y nosotros) entered the Amazon’s Top 10 young adult fantasy novels. The third one, Free, Equal, Just (Libres, iguales, justos) also entered the Amazon’s Top 10 fantasy novels during the first weeks after its release, reaching #1 in dark fantasy young adult novels.

Highly acclaimed by the critics, this fantasy saga has a tremendous audiovisual potential, for its immense, unique and original universe developed by the authors could be easily exploited.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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