The Silence Has Arrived (Ahora llega el silencio)

Two options left: to give up or to fight. Astrea never gives up.

Overnight, people over 22 years old die for no apparent reason. This tragic event, known as “The Silence”, has spread chaos throughout the city, leaving only children and young people. The population has been segregated into different sectors and tribes.

Nobody knows the exact origin of this strange virus, nor the reason why it only affects people of a determined age. While the youngest fight for survival and organise their own societies, the oldest, being conscious of the little time they have left, spend their time looting and violently subjugating their rivals.

King Death reigns over Barcelona. He is a young man about to turn 22 who enjoys harming the others. He promotes fear among the citizens to keep them submissive, and kills anybody who defies him, as Astrea does.

Astrea is a 16-year-old girl, a fighter, a brave and self-sufficient young woman who will not allow evil to reign over her, nor her baby; Lobo, a little boy who might be immune to the strange plague and could become the world’s saviour.

Astrea cannot take this violent society anymore. She is willing to fight. She will do her best to find the way to escape from the King Death’s government. In this adventure, she will meet Néstor and Leo, two boys who are also willing to put an end to the pandemic and the totalitarian government.


RELEVANT DATA: The Silence Has Arrived (Ahora llega el silencio) is a fast-paced urban dystopia starred by a strong and captivating female protagonist.

Awarded with the Premio Jaén de Narrativa Juvenil, this is a novel that, according to Álvaro Colomer, was born out of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, McCarthy’s The Road and Jack London’s bibliography. Cinematically, the novel is similar to George Miller’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Despite the story is set in Barcelona, its audiovisual adaptation could be moved to any other cosmopolitan city, thanks to the universality and internationality of its main topics.

The story has many subplots and an easily extensible universe that would contribute to the creation of an excellent TV series or a film series.


What the critics have said:

“MORE PROTAGONISTS LIKE ASTREA, PLEASE! She is a fighter with whom anyone could fall in love.” – Doña Quejica (Literary Blog)

“Astrea is like the apocalyptic 21st-century Manuela Malasaña.”- Libros y Literatura (Literary Blog)

“This novel reflects on important topics, such as feminism, climate change, and totalitarian governments. But it also reflects on more emotional questions, like love, compromise and loyalty.”- Óscar Lóper, Cadena Ser

The Silence Has Arrived introduces a critique against society, rising the alarm and leaving a clear message for the youngest.” – Érase un libro (Literary Blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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