The Silent Network Saga (Saga Las redes del silencio)

The Face in the Shadows | Steps of a Puppet | Ghosts of Paradise

How far are we willing to go to become viral on the internet? How can a rumor destroy a person´s reputation? Does a son have to pay for his father’s sins?

This saga is composed of three independent stories, all about how teenagers have to deal with huge consequences to their actions. The audiovisual project can be set in the same high school so that the stories have a strong connection between the characters.

In The Face in the Shadows, a 16-year-old named Adrian is eager for attention online, and to go viral at any cost. Together with his friends, he plans to do a video throwing a stone in the middle of the highway to see how the car avoids the impact. This provokes a fatal car accident and the boys fly the scene.

They boys upload the video online, and in less than 24 hours it goes absolutely viral. The victim of the accident is Nuria´s mother, who happens to be Adrian´s girlfriend. Nuria is determined to uncover the culprit’s identity. Nuria puts her trust in Adrian to help her expose the criminal responsible for her mother’s death. Adrian is torn in a huge dilemma between telling the truth or keeping this huge secret to keep his beloved girlfriend. Adrian´s sister is the only other person who knows the truth. It is in her hands to expose her brother.

In Steps of a Puppet, MK fails her biology exam even though she had copied from the classmate who got one of the highest marks. MK bitterly goes to the teacher´s office to complain about her grade but the teacher takes no notice of her.

Her parents’ divorce and the bad relationship with them end up crumbling her self-esteem. She is desperate. Her only support comes from her boyfriend, who helps her plan a scandal to take revenge on the teacher: to falsely accuse him of rape.

The lie is quickly spread and ends up involving doctors, parents, psychologists and the press, and MK loses control of the situation as she destroys the reputation of an innocent man.

In Ghosts of Paradise, 17-year-old Pablo is the son of a Spanish diplomat who comes from a wealthy family. He is one of the top students in high school. He is solely dedicated to improving his grades and spending time with his girlfriend, Bettina. His life is seemingly perfect.

However, his life turns upside down when his father is arrested for money laundering and Pablo loses his role model. His father’s public arrest cause him to suffer the consequences among his friends and classmates at school, where everyone looks and points at him as if he was the corrupt one.

A saga packed full of moral dilemmas, where innocence and adolescent mischief are the real protagonists, where teenagers are coming of age and experiencing the fact that children’s games have very serious consequences in the world of adults. This is a best-selling saga that does not go unnoticed among its readers.


RELEVANT DATAThe Silent Network saga is the winner of the Premio Hache of Young Adult Literature Award (awarded by a panel of thousands of students). It is composed of El rostro de la sombra (The Shadow’s Face), Pasos de marioneta (Marionette Steps) and Los fantasmas del paraíso (The Paradise Phantoms). Because of the moral and educational message Gómez Cerdá includes in the novel, this saga is given as compulsory reading in many Spanish high schools. Greatly acclaimed by its critics, the saga is a true success, as it is both a bestseller and a long-seller. It is known to be one of the best reference trilogies in Spanish Young Adult literature.

Alfredo Gómez Cerdá is an institution of Spanish Young Adult literature and both a best-selling and long-selling author. He has published works in many countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He has won over 25 awards during his literary career. Some of the Awards include two El Barco de Vapor Awards, two Gran Angular de literatura juvenil, two White Raven Awards, the Altea Award, the Cervantes Chico Award for his complete works, runner up for the Lazarillo Award, and the National Award for Children and Young Adult literature (Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil).


What the critics have said:

“Realistic narratives, powerful, well-written, through simple, everyday language”. – El devorador de libros

“A story as painful and authentic as real. […] The characters are created very thoughtfully. The reader witnesses their evolution, their thoughts, their morale, their ethics and their point of view towards the situation in which they are living”. – Dragonfly

“A thrilling piece”.- El templo de las mil puertas


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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