The Sound of your Hair (El sonido de tu cabello)

“But I promise to lie as much as it takes.”

Dawn breaks in Las Tres Mil Viviendas, Seville (Spain), one of the most dangerous suburbs in all of Europe: drug supermarkets, diseases that, although officially eradicated, persist, areas forgotten by the state services… The anti-riot police seal off the Calvinist Evangelical Church, from which the forensic anatomical examiners emerge. They push a stretcher with the body of a young woman. It is reminiscent of a death that took place a year earlier under the same circumstances. These two homicides could be related to other femicides that follow the same pattern on the other side of the world in the Mexican neighborhood of Lomas de Poleo, in Ciudad Juarez. A place marked by hundreds of unsolved murders and disappearances.

Police inspector Perpetua Carrizo is in charge of the investigation. Set Santiago, a lawyer who, after having served five years in prison and survived thanks to the public defender’s office, has to take care of the defense of the alleged murderer, a former drug addict. Sacramento Montiel oversees the prosecution – a very self-confident woman if it were not for the contradictory evidence that suggests a strange form of gender violence. Soon, the lawyers on both sides will realize his innocence and begin an investigation to prove it. To do so, they must dive into the depth of the neighborhood life, where they will meet dark and dangerous characters.

A devilish web woven between Seville and Ciudad Juarez, with the background of unsolved femicides, clandestine workshops, dilapidated buildings that are sanctuaries for drugs, illegal hospitals and a lot of moral ambiguity.


RELEVANT DATA: The Sound of your Hair (El sonido de tu cabello) has been awarded the Unicaja Fernando Quiñones Novel Award, the NOVELPOL Award for best crime novel, was a finalist for the Negra y Mortal Award for best noir novel and was nominated for Best VLC Noir Novel.

Additionally, its author, Juan Ramón Biedma, was awarded the Dashiell Hammett Award for best crime novel, received a Special Mention from the Jury granted by the Semana Negra de Gijón, the Valencia Noir Novel Award, the Crucedecables Award, the Special Award given by the Directors of Semana Negra and the La Gangsterera Award for best crime novel. He was also a finalist for the Memorial Silverio Cañada, among many other recognitions. His works have been translated into Portuguese, Greek, German, Russian and Turkish.


What the critics have said:

“Elegant when it comes to showing the wickedness of the world. When you read Biedma, you know you are facing something else.” Público

“One of the characteristics of Juan Ramón Biedma’s narrative is his skill in the construction of complex and singular characters. The Sound of your Hair (El sonido de tu cabello) is a novel in which each character directs their story, driving the action to its ultimate consequences.” Moon Magazine

“A tension in crescendo to understand the reason for the murders of young women at the doors of an evangelical church. Biedma offers an impacting portrait, while the reflection is left to us.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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