The third word (La tercera palabra)

Pablo is a teenager who has always lived in the mountains away from civilization. After his father’s death, he moves in with his aunts and cousins. They hire Margarita in order to teach him how to read, write and everything he should already know at the age of 24. His family intentions are not totally honest, since they want to keep his inheritance; however, they must first declare him insane.

Julio, Pablo’s cousin, was Margarita’s lover during his college years. He continues to be secretly in love with her, so when she and Pablo begin to sympathize, Julio will have one more motive to finish him off. Passion, jealousy, ambition, and other circumstances get muddled up in this passionate story of emotional self-discovery for Pablo, who finds out the third word after God and Death: Love.


RELEVANT FACTS: This play was written by Casona when he was living in Buenos Aires. The play was a big hit from the beginning and it included some of the best scene actors of the time. The play has been applauded by millions of spectators across the world. Its fame gave place to a Mexican movie of the same title by Julián Soler in 1955, winner of the Premio Ariel.

Casona was one of the most important Spanish writers of the 20th century. He lived between Spain and Latin America, where his work had a great success in cinema and theatre, especially in Argentina, where several movies about his work were produced. He received the Premio Nacional de Literatura and the Premio de Teatro Lope de Vega, among others.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Movie, TV Series, Film, Miniseries


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