Alejandro Casona

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Alejandro Casona (Asturias 1903) Spanish poet and playwright, master of the move between fantasy and reality, his theatre is symbolic and experimental. His plays broke the mold of the naturalist theatre of his time. Inheritor of the Modernism movement, his plays share characteristics with Garcia Lorca’s poetic theatre. After the Civil War, he left for Argentina, where he obtained great popular acclaim. In Madrid he was the Director of the People’s Theatre, and the Itinerant Theatre that had the principal function of divulging Spanish dramaturgy.



In 1932 he was awarded the National Literature Prize for Flower of Legend. 

In 1934 he received the Lope de Vega Theatre Prize for The stranded mermaid. 

Buenos Aires provided him with resounding triumphs like the one of Trees die standing tall, premiered in 1949 and staged without interruption until 1952.