Trees die standing tall (Los árboles mueren de pie)

“Do not see me fall. Dead inside, but standing tall. Like a tree.”

A married old couple spends their days regretting that their beloved grandson left. Mr. Balboa, in order to help with his wife’s sadness, fakes letters and pretends they are written by their grandson. One day, a real letter saying he is coming back arrives. The grandson decides to come back home to get some money, but the boat sinks. Balboa hires an imitator, together with a very nice girl, who pretends to be the lost grandson in front of the grandmother. But the evil and real grandson arrives by surprise: he is not dead as they thought.


RELEVANT FACTS: Best play written by Casona together with It is Forbidden to Commit Suicide in Spring. It was written during his republican exile in Mexico and Buenos Aires. The theatrical version has traveled all over the world and has been adapted to film in Argentina shortly after its release, in 1951, with the script of Casona himself. It was also represented in Mexico in 2014 “Illusions S.A.” distributed by LIONSGATE. A masterpiece qualified as a drama with elements of comedy and suspense, but at the same time a monument to tenderness. Plot and characters are perfect for a soap opera.

Casona was one of the most important Spanish writers of the 20th century. He lived between Spain and Latin America, where his work had a great success in cinema and theatre, especially in Argentina, where several movies about his work were produced. He received the Premio Nacional de Literatura and the Premio de Teatro Lope de Vega, among others.


POTENTIAL AUDIOVISUAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.