The Twilight of the Neanderthal (El Ocaso del Neandertal) – Original Project

In the Atapuerca Mountains, a group of paleontologists is facing a difficult to solve an enigma: one of the “burials” is made by a species that was not practicing this kind of rituals. If what they have found there is certain, the very origins of our species would be questioned. The twilight of the Neanderthal narrates two stories: the one about the paleontologists (Kathleen, Lucas and Guillermo) looking for answers, and another about the fight, twenty-five thousand years ago, between the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, with a love triangle between a young redheaded Neanderthal woman, a young hunter and a fearsome crippled man (both of them are Cro-Magnons). From this triangle, the answer to the origins of the Humanity will arise. The story shows that, just as in the prehistoric times, people are moved by the same human emotions. It is a story of suspense and mystery mixed with the past and the present.


RELEVANT FACTS: Ramón Paso is a screenwriter, playwright and a stage director, born in Madrid in 1976. He is the grandson of the playwright Alfonso Paso and great grandson of the writer Enrique Jardiel Poncela. More than 100 episodes written by Paso, between series and shows, were released on TV; among them are the most popular TV series of Spanish television, such as “Compañeros” or “Matrimonio con hijos”.




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