The unfaithful skin (La piel infiel)

Madame Bovary 2.0

Emma is just like many other 35-year-old women; she has a job that she doesn’t particularly enjoy, but it lets her lead a comfortable life in the city, and she’s in a relationship where she feels content. She doesn’t have any children, nor she is married, and although things seem idyllic, she feels profoundly bored and stuck in life

Alexis is around 45 years old and he is a regular client at the firm where Emma works. Both he and his wife are experiencing a deep depression following the recent loss of their daughter. They both feel withdrawn and introspective and his wife, trapped in guilt, is unable to be have sex with him, believing that she doesn’t deserve to feel joy or pleasure.

When they meet in the office, Emma and Alexis feel an instant mutual attraction that they don’t hold back.

This is how an adventure full of passion and desire begins. Alexis is able to keep his relationship with Emma away from his marriage, and Emma finds it easy to hide the affair from her boyfriend, as he is constantly travelling for work, and they have been living in different realities for a while. The sex is very comforting, and for a moment, it seems like the perfect remedy for her chronic boredom. However, it won’t be long before Emma yearns for something more. A conversation, a date, or something as simple as making love in a bed. Emma also realizes that she is developing feelings, and when it becomes evident that they are not reciprocated, she starts to become obsessed with him.

Frustrated by the notion that Alexis neither wants nor understands her, she decides to confront all her problems at once: she quits her job, stops talking to Alexis, ends her relationship with her boyfriend, goes back to studying, and becomes an intern at a new company. She rises from the ashes like a phoenix.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Unfaithful Skin is a contemporary retelling of Gustave Flaubert’s classic novel Madame Bovary. This exciting and passionate work was initially published on Audible, where it quickly became a bestseller. The literary publication is expected to follow soon. The story, which has an open ending, is ideal for adaptation into a multi-season series. Furthermore, the protagonist undergoes a profound transformation, which will make viewers feel completely identified with her.

Lara A. Serodio is a trained screenwriter from the Film School of Catalonia (ESCAC), which is why the audiovisual perspective is fully integrated into her stories. The author has an extensive background as a journalist in various Spanish media outlets. She has also been awarded the Montserrat Roig Grant from the Ajuntament de Barcelona — UNESCO City of Literature.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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