The War of the Witches Saga (Saga La Guerra de las Brujas) (TV Series)

The Clan of the She-Wolf | The Desert of Ice | Odi’s Curse

The identity of the chosen one has been revealed. The most feared war of witches in history is about to break out.

Anaíd is a 14-year-old girl who does not fit in. Her great intelligence combined with her childish look, shyness, and strong bond to her mother and grandmother, hold her back from integrating with her peers at school. Her grandmother has died recently and, all of a sudden, her mother, Selene, disappears without leaving a trace, missing her two pillars in life. However, her aunt arrives to take care of her and reveals a huge secret: her real identity. Something difficult to process for a teenager who would just like to fit in.

Anaíd is actually an Omar witch, belonging to a dynasty of witches in rivalry for eons with the Odish witches. Both dynasties come from the two daughters of the great witch O.

The Omar, characterized by their strong bond to nature and solidarity, are being attacked again by the Odish, the clan of the arrogant and authoritarian witches who only seek their own benefit. The Odish are afraid of the prophecy of O, that announces the arrival of the chosen one who will control the power scepter and will put an end to the Odish clan. They know the chosen one is among the Omars.

The Odish have kidnapped Selene, believing she is the chosen one, and Anaíd must learn her powers to be able to go in her search and rescue her. In this adventure, Anaíd will discover she is the real chosen one. She discovers to her astonishment that she is mixed blood of Omar and Odish (on her father’s side), something Selene hid from her. Being 15, Anaíd starts to grow as a beautiful young woman, becomes a powerful witch, and makes her first best friend. Together, they find her mother.

When it is evident that Anaíd is the chosen one, Selene and Anaid see themselves forced to escape to avoid the attack of the Odish.

In this escape, Selene tells Anaíd about her past; how she escaped to the Arctic with her lover, Gunnar, after being falsely accused of her best friend’s murder, how she had to face the great witch Baalat, the most powerful and dangerous divinity that ever existed, whose mission was stopping Selene from giving birth to the chosen one, Anaíd. And, although Selene managed to lock her up in the World of the Dead fifteen years ago, now Baalat is back to destroy the chosen one.

Anaíd, now turned into an empowered and very attractive teenager, finally meets her father, Gunnar, who wants to make up for the time away from his daughter. He invites her to meet the Odish clan. Selene is completely against this, as Gunnar is the son of the most powerful Odish witch, Cristine Olav (also known as the Lady of Ice). But Anaid is curious and they escape to the heart of the Odish lands in the Arctic.

To Anaid’s surprise, her grandmother quickly grows fond of her and teaches her how, thanks to the magic scepter, she can get anything she wants, even her beloved Roc falling in love with her. Anaíd accepts her part of Odish origin, and succumbs to the temptations of the scepter, provoking the refusal of the Omars. She finds herself alone again, with the only support of her grandmother, the Lady of Ice, so she turns to her, only to find that her grandmother was only pretending, she wanted to gain her trust and leave her totally alone so that she could destroy Anaíd and end the prophecy. Nevertheless, Anaid recovers the trust of the Omar, reconciles with her mother, and destroys Baalat for good.


RELEVANT DATA: War of the Witches is a super bestselling trilogy composed of: The Clan of the She-Wolf, The Desert of Ice and Odi’s Curse. Her author, Maite Carranza, has captivated over 800,000 readers and published her novels in 20 languages and over 25 countries.

Carranza has been awarded with several of the most prestigious literary awards for kids and young adults, as well as for fantasy fiction, such as the the Edebé Award, the Templo de las mil puertas Award, the Crítica Serra d’Or Award, the National Young Adult Literature Award, the Banco de Libros de Caracas Award and the FADA Award, the Joaquim Ruyra Young Adult Narrative Award. As well as the Cervantes Chico Award for her career, the Young Protagonist Award to the best young adult novel, the Vaixell de Vapor Award and has been awarded twice the White Raven Award, given by the Jugend Library of Munich, among other literary as well as audiovisual awards.

One of the best characteristics of War of the Witches is the breathtaking creation of the universe. It has its own history and mythology, facilitating the possibility of developing characters and plots in depth, and the creation of new subplots. The characters, most of them female, evolve through the three instalments, showing the great skill Carranza has as a writer and screenwriter creating complex characters, strong and complex, with whom the audience can relate. Also, the author is an anthropologist, for the saga she has done an extensive amount of research on witchcraft and its folklore in the Mediterranean region, giving fiction a very authentic tone.

The saga has excellent reviews. The Financial Times says it captivated  the fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter and Twilight.


What the critics have said:

“An exciting and passionate story, frenetic action, showing very human witches” – CLIJ Magazine.

The wolf’s clan shows a fresh and new story, with some familiar drama and dangerous adventures with an atypical heroine. It escapes from clichés and it has an amazingly built mythology” Serendipia.

“A lot to provide” Amazon.

“Female Harry Potter” La Vanguardia.

“Ambitious work, intelligent, surprising” El País.

“Maite Carranza creates a wonderful world, mixing common folklore of European witches and mythology from different parts of the world”. Divulgaciones de una Poulain.

“Female characters very well built” Goodreads.



AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Bulgarian, Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, Korean and Turkish.