The Savage Girls Saga (Saga Las niñas salvajes)

The Savage Girls | The Sacred Waters

The past always finds new victims. 

In Las niñas salvajes we are introduced to Jimena Cruz, a journalist from Granada who is employed at a local newspaper but yearns for a more illustrious career. She believes that her exceptional analytical abilities and investigative zeal are squandered in the monotony of working for such a small journal.

Everything changes when a corpse mysteriously appears in the Albaicín, the old quarter of the city. The shock for Jimena is immense when she discovers that the body belongs to her aunt María, a nun who worked at the Virgen del Carmen school, which she attended as a child.

Hugo, one of the police officers in charge of the investigation and Jimena’s lover, tries to keep her on the sidelines, but this case is personal for Jimena, and she fully commits herself to solving the mystery.

Jimena discovers that orphan girls were kidnapped and raped at the Virgen del Carmen school in order to illegally trade their babies.

Upon uncovering the dark plot buried in the past, Jimena discovers that she was one of the babies trafficked, and her family was complicit. From this moment on, Jimena’s life and her surroundings will change radically.

Following the events that changed her life forever, in Las aguas sagradas we find a completely different Jimena. A murder once again shakes the city of Granada, leading the police to want her collaboration again: they fear that the murders are being committed by the same person who put the city in jeopardy four years earlier.

Despite her usual disagreements with police methods, Jimena decides to investigate this case on the condition that she can create her own investigative team. This team includes the young historian Fátima Suárez and Gari Atxa, a criminologist eager for action, towards whom Jimena will feel a strong attraction.

However, the investigation is called into question when a series of banners start plastering all over Granada, announcing the details of the next victim.

This revelation forces the team to face the reality that their adversary is much more sinister than anticipated, challenging everything they believed to know. The crucial question is whether they can outpace the killer before it’s too late.


RELEVANT DATA: The journalist Jimena Cruz saga consists of Las niñas salvajes and Las aguas sagradas. It’s an ideal detective series for a glocal production, as the story originally takes place in Granada (Spain) but can generate interest anywhere in the world.

In the vein of other successful productions like Mare of Easttown or The Invisible Guardian, May R. Ayamonte introduces a female protagonist with a perfectly crafted psychological evolution. The work features a wide array of characters leading various subplots full of unexpected twists, thus providing ample material for a TV series adaptation.

May R. Ayamonte is a renowned Spanish booktuber, gathering hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media platforms. She has been a finalist for the Edebé National Youth Literature Award. 


What the critics have said:

“A committed writer who shines with her own light. May R. Ayamonte has made the leap into crime fiction and she’s not stopping”. Susana Martín Gijón

“In Las niñas salvajes you’ll find history, murders, plot twists, and countless moments that will leave you speechless”. Josu Diamond, author and booktuber

“An extreme thriller that keeps you on edge until its harrowing finale”. Granada hoy journal

“Las niñas salvajes is a novel that keeps you tense from start to finish, eager to know more”. Goodreads

“A thriller that won’t leave you indifferent. A must for anyone looking for crime, mystery, tension, and a strong, empowered protagonist. A marvel”. Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series , Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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