Them Trilogy (Trilogía Ellas)

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Elsa is a young woman in her thirties who feels her life is falling apart. She hates her job, and her 10-year relationship with Marcos has ended. She decides to leave her apartment in the city (Madrid) to return to the town where she grew up (San Lorenzo del Escorial). Her intention is to relax, reflect and spend Christmas with her parents and her siblings Nina, Lydia, Loren and Aitor, whom she adores.  The breakup with Marcos won’t be the only big secret hidden in this endearing family though, because the parents are hiding something as well.

Thankfully, Elsa has her best friends to lean on; Diana, Nagore and Gala. However, she will not be able to avoid running in to her first love (and her brother Aitor’s best friend) Cole, whom she broke up with years ago and of whom she ran away from her hometown. Elsa and Cole cross paths on more occasions than Elsa would like. In all their encounters they end up reliving moments of their relationship, making it obvious that neither of them is quite over it. They realize that they still love each other, so they resume their relationship.

Diana is the calmest and most responsible member of the group, although lately she feels that she only makes mistakes. Diana and Bruno (the boyfriend with whom she thought she had an idyllic relationship) have taken a break, and truth be told, Aitor (Elsa’s brother) has something to do with that decision. The sexual tension between the two of them is becoming more and more evident. Diana is torn between choosing an “easy” life with Bruno or risking it all for a crush that has turned her life upside down.

Nagore, the fun-loving member of the group that never thinks about the consequences, debuts her singleness in style. But Diego, her ex, comes back into her life again and again. To top it off, Carlos (her boss’ son) has set his sights on her and doesn’t seem to want to give up until he gets his way. For the first time ever, and against all odds, Nagore manages to take control of her life and makes decisions considering the consequences.

This story follows a group of friends as their lives take unexpected turns, all of which will help them to mature.


RELEVANT DATA: The Them Trilogy (trilogía Ellas) is full of humor, love and special characters that make the audience experience very funny and unique moments. With a light tone, Paula Ramos manages to intermingle lighthearted scenarios with situations that make the audience reflect deeply upon.  With these charismatic protagonists, she unveils a world of love, family, friendship and enthusiasm.

Paula Ramos is a bestselling author who is emerging very strongly and has an increasingly consolidated audience. She has published numerous novels in a wide range of genres, from fantasy to romance. She is very active on social networks, garnering thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.


What the critics have said:

“It is always a pleasure to read Paula’s stories and this book is no exception. It’s a fast-paced, fun story full of very special characters.” Goodreads

Red Day Handbook has a cute, funny and very entertaining story. It is also very romantic.” Blog Libros Encantados


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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