Thief of Roses ( Ladrona de Rosas)

Clarice Lispector: a hidden identity, an unbearable genius.

Clarice Lispector has always been perceived as a shy and introverted woman. Her beauty was indisputable: she was gorgeous, elegant and had refined manners. However, Lispector hid a lot about herself: for instance, her real name, since it was not Clarice, nor her birthdate was the one on her ID.

She was actually a Ukrainian Jewish who exiled with her family when she was a child, to escape from the Russian revolution. Years later, and under the identity of an ordinary housewife, Clarice Lispector voluntarily lived a comfortable and familiar life. She preferred to remain as the perfect wife of a diplomat, as a mother, as an illiterate woman.

Her life changed after she got divorced, when she moved to Brazil and started her career as a writer; a hobby nobody ever had imagined Lispector had. She managed to publish several novels which were highly acclaimed by the critics for their originality and awesomeness, becoming one of the main referents in the Brazilian literature.


RELEVANT DATA: Laura Freixas, well-known author awarded with the Leonor Guzmán Prize, talks in her masterpiece about the experiences of one of the biggest feminist icons; Clarice Lispector, a woman who fought for years to earn her life through writing.

To write Ladrona de rosas, Freixas worked hard on researching information about the author.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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